How Pollen Impacts Your Car

The spring season with its blooming flowers and warm air is always a welcome change from harsh winter weather. This change in weather also brings a not-so-welcome guest: pollen. Those who suffer from allergies dread this season, but it’s time we discuss the true silent sufferers of this seasonal attack–vehicles.

You might be thinking, “What does pollen do? It can’t be that bad for cars.” Well, your friends at Take 5 Car Wash beg to differ. Besides making our eyes itch, Mother Nature’s pesky yellow dust also wreaks havoc on your vehicle. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t drive a car covered in pollen.


What Is Pollen and How Does It Damage My Car?

Pollen is a fine, powdery substance that comes from the stamen of flowering plants. For pollination purposes, this yellow debris has microscopic hooks giving it the ability to attach to virtually everything, including your vehicle. The result is the risk of damage to your vehicle if not dealt with properly.

Paint Predators

It can be tempting to let spring showers remove pollen for us instead of washing our cars, but drivers be warned: a quick rinse with water activates the acidity in pollen particles. This acidity eats away at your vehicle’s paint and can lead to premature fading and even rust. The best removal method is a thorough wash using automotive soap and water.

Angry Air Filters

Aside from damaging your car’s paint, pollen problems also lurk beneath your car’s hood. Cabin and engine air filters collect copious amounts of pollen during the spring season and often cause clogged air filters. Clean air filters are essential for maximizing fuel economy and maintaining engine health. Regularly cleaning or replacing these filters will ensure that you and your passengers breathe clean air and that your vehicle is performing at its best.

Cabin Concerns

Pollen always seems to find its way into a car’s interior. This invasion occurs primarily through open windows and ventilation systems. Be sure that you’re giving as much attention to your car’s interior as the exterior. You can prevent pollen from building up on your car's dashboard, seats, and carpet by regularly vacuuming your car's cabin.

How To Keep Pollen Off Your Car

The best defense is a good offense. That means proactively treating your car before pollen season kicks off. A professional wax application seals the pores in your car’s surface and makes it difficult for the elements to stick to your car. This seal prevents pollen, dander, bugs, and other debris from ruining your paint and settling in the crevices of your car. The more layers of wax there are between your vehicle’s surface and pollen, the better. If pollen has already started to build up on your vehicle, a professional wash with automotive soap to safely remove pollen particles will avoid the risk of damage to your car.

By visiting a Take 5 Car Wash near you this spring, you’ll be protecting your car from lasting damage and, ultimately, the resale value of your car. You may even alleviate your allergy symptoms in the process! At Take 5 Car Wash, our team is here to help you win the fight on pollen. For the best car wash near you, visit a Take 5 Car Wash today!



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