Finding the Closest Car Wash and Using it Regularly is Essential

Many car owners faithfully ensure that their cars receive regular oil changes and replacement of worn-out tires. However, for some of these same car owners, the idea of simply regularly taking their car to a fast and convenient car wash seems like a waste of money and time.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Car owners need to find a Take 5 Car Wash close to home and use it regularly to prevent corrosion of their cars’ surfaces prevent corrosion of their cars’ surfaces. While a little dirt may not seem like a big deal, the reality is the longer the dirt sits, the more the surface finish will experience oxidation and dulling of the paintwork.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how exactly dirt acts to break down the surface of cars that aren’t regularly washed.

How Dirt Breaks Down a Car’s Surface Finish Without a Five-Minute Car Wash

One of the primary materials used to make cars is metal. As many of us have observed, metal is prone to rust. The paint of a car protects the metal from the elements. This protection slows down the process of rusting. Additionally, the paint itself is protected by a clear coat, which provides further protection from rust.

Dust and dirt are landing on cars constantly, whether they are parked inside or outside. When moisture in the atmosphere combines with the dust on the surface of cars, it makes a sticky film that air itself cannot remove.

When a car doesn’t receive a quick yet thorough car wash often enough, this sticky film of dust and dirt becomes increasingly thicker, trapping more and more moisture within the film. The moisture and dirt that is now on the bottom layer are in contact with the clear coat mentioned earlier.


How Does Dirt Damage Your Finish

You might be raising an eyebrow, but washing your car regularly is part of proper maintenance. Built-up dirt scrapes at your protective finish and damages it over time, creating tiny abrasions where moisture can get trapped and erode paint and metal.

This causes the dulling of your finish, rusting, and even bubbling! To prevent this process from taking hold and hurting resale value, experts recommend washing your car two times per week. One of the best options for car owners to consider is an unlimited car wash membership at Take 5 Car Wash.

As you can see, regularly visiting a Take 5 Car Wash near you is just as important as those routine oil changes and tires replacements. If you’re ready to start protecting the surface of your car from corrosion, visit a Take 5 Car Wash near you today!



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