What Is Water Beading?

At Take 5 Car Wash, we love water beading, and for good reason. Beyond the fact that it looks cool, water beading indicates whether you have an adequate wax sealant on your vehicle and ensures you get the most out of your car wash. Keep reading to learn how you can protect your car’s exterior and make sure you're getting a high-quality car wax treatment.

What Is Water Beading and Why Does It Matter?

When it rains, have you ever noticed that some surfaces seem to collect tiny droplets of water, while other surfaces leave behind streak marks? Those tiny droplets, or beads, form when water comes into contact with hydrophobic surfaces, like car wax. Hydrophobic surfaces have a high level of surface tension that repel water and cause it to form beads that easily roll off surfaces. So, why does all this matter? Water beading means a high surface tension. A high surface tension means that the wax sealant on your car is doing its job by creating a barrier between your paintwork and dirt, grime, and the elements. In addition to protecting your vehicle, wax sealants create a slick surface, which eliminates the need for heavy-duty scrubbing the next time you need a car wash.


What Are The Benefits of Car Wax Treatments?

Water beading indicates a high-quality wax barrier, but why is this invisible barrier so vital? The most obvious benefit of a wax sealant is the beautiful, shiny finish that we all love. Aside from appearances, opting to get a wax treatment after your car wash can save you a lot of money in the long run. The barrier these sealants create prevents rust, fading color, and fine lines. By preserving the integrity of your car, you’ll also be protecting your investment and increasing your resale value.

Maintaining the wax barrier on your car is also a great safety measure when driving in wet conditions. The hydrophobic coating allows for better visibility because it repels water. This means you’ll be maximizing the life of your windshield wipers while maintaining visibility in rainy weather.

Lastly, car wax treatments mean a less frequent need for washes and make cleaning your car the next time around a breeze. The hydrophobic qualities of wax make it difficult for dirt, bird poop, pollen, bugs, and grime to adhere to the surface of your car. That means less scrubbing for us and a longer-lasting shine for you.

When Do I Need To Get A Car Wax For Water Beading?

You’ll know it’s time for a new wax treatment based on the size of the water beads on your car. The larger the water beads, the weaker the wax sealant. A quick water beading test is an easy way to tell! Simply pour a glass of water onto your car. If tiny beads still form, you’re in good shape. If you notice water leaves streaks and fully wets the surface of your vehicle, your sealant is getting old and losing capability of shielding your vehicle from the elements. This is referred to as water sheeting, which indicates there is little to no hydrophobic coating on your vehicle, leaving your paintwork exposed to dirt and grime, and eventually subject to fading.

Drive by Take 5 Car Wash Today

At Take 5 Car Wash, we offer the best car wax treatments when you select either our High 5 Wash or the Wash, Wheels, and Wax option. Protect your investment by protecting your car’s exterior from rust, fading, dirt, and fine lines. For the best car wax near you, visit Take 5 Car Wash today.



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