Why Waxing Your Car is Important

The benefits of washing your car are obvious. A good wash takes your car from covered in grime to spotless in no time. What about the benefits of waxing your car? While a simple rinse without a wax is sometimes necessary, car wax treatments ought not be overlooked. This finishing touch is what gives your ride the glossy finish we all love so much. However, that’s not the only thing a quality car wax treatment does.


What Does Waxing a Car Do?

1. Protects Your Paint

Car wax treatments serve more than a cosmetic purpose (although we aren’t complaining). The primary reason we recommend regularly waxing your car is to protect your paint. A wax coating creates a barrier between your car’s exterior and the elements. The shiny barrier protects paint from dirt, UV damage, road salt, bird droppings, and pollen to name a few — all of which can lead to fading, chipping, or corrosion.

2. Water Beading

We’d be remiss for failing to mention water beading. If you aren’t familiar with this term, you can find more information on water beading in a previous blog. Essentially, water beading occurs when water droplets make contact with a hydrophobic surface. The result is lots of tiny water droplets on your vehicle, thus the name. Wax is a hydrophobic substance that repels water and causes it to easily roll off the surface of your car. With a wax application, you’ll have better visibility when driving in inclement weather and maximize the life of your windshield wipers.

3. Increases Longevity of Wash

The hydrophobic qualities of car wax make it difficult for contaminants to adhere to the surface of your car. You’ll get to enjoy a clean car for much longer than you would without an invisible wax barrier. When you do get around to washing your car, dirt and grime is minimal and cleaning is a breeze — no need for heavy scrubbing.

4. Saves Money

With regular car wax treatments, you’ll be protecting your car and saving money in the long run. Since wax allows debris to roll off your car far easier than it would without it, you can stretch the amount of time in between washes. That means more savings for you. Taking preventative measures like applying a wax coating keeps money in your wallet by decreasing the chance you’ll need to pay for exterior repairs in the future.

How Long Does a Car Wax Last?

Wondering how often you need to wax your car? At Take 5 Car Wash, we recommend applying a fresh wax coating every two to three months. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting car wax treatments more frequently. The thicker the wax barrier, the better protected your car will be. An easy way to tell it’s time for another car wax application is based on the size of the water beads on your vehicle’s surface. Tiny droplets indicate a strong barrier, while large droplets mean that your barrier has worn down and is losing the capability of shielding your car.

Wax treatments offer the best of both worlds: a sparkling exterior and protection. Drive by Take 5 Car Wash today and make our wax treatments part of your regular maintenance routine. We offer wax treatments with our Signature Wash option and our Wash, Wheels, and Wax option. Find a Take 5 location and experience the best car wash and wax near you.



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